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Hire A Private Guide For Walking Tours

London is a city that many people desire to visit once in their lifetime. This place has a very rich history and heritage. There are also many places full of mystery and secrets. To help you know the city and its places better, there are private guides provided to guided tours. They can make you see the city and its culture and heritage like no other. They can plan the best London walking tours for you. There are some places that are best experienced by walking only. Here are some places mentioned for you.

The main trail of the city – There are different places which you will witness better by going on a walking tour. These places include St Paul’s Cathedral, the Bank of England, Guildhall, Mansion House, the Monument, the tower bridge and more. There are also some very famous churches situated here. All this can be experienced well with a good private guide.

Jack ripper’s alley – Jack Ripper’s sinister is popular all over the world. If you know that and want to witness the thrill then you can take the walking tour to those alleys. You can experience the events as they are well explained by the guide. You will surely feel a chill when you hear the mysterious events.

Sherlock Holmes Tour – If you are a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, do not miss this tour. You can dress up like him and enjoy the guided tour given by the guide.